Fire Up Brand

Business Workshop

June 28th, 2018

Thursday June 28th 2018
1:00pm to 5:00pm

@Vintana: The Centre Crown Point, 2nd Floor
1205 Auto Parkway, Escondido CA

Are you tired of hustling for business all the time?

Are you tired of people flaking on you?

Are you tired of people not respecting and valuing your time?

Are you tired of people not remembering your name?

Are you tired of clients that show no loyal to you?

Are you tired of not receiving good referrals?

If your answer is “YES”,

This workshop can help you change all that!

Fire Up Brand

Business Workshop
Investment: Only $197!

Marie Antonette Waite

  • Creating Your Personal Brand
  • Working With Your Target Market
  • Methods of Effective Communication
  • Building Your Business Network

Marie Waite is a businesswoman, entrepreneur and community leader. She is an expert in practical and effective marketing for self-employed professionals and business owners, and uses her expertise and unique Fire Up programs to help people get the most out of their brand.



John Richardson

  • Building Your Home Based Website
  • Creating Your Unique Online Presence
  • Adding Social Media Satellites
  • Creating Your Educational Product

John Richardson is an author, speaker, and digital media creator. Many people know him because of his articles and downloadable templates on goal setting, habit change, and time management. He’s been blogging on personal development for over twelve years where he tries to find the best strategies for success.



Michael Tracy

Michael Tracy has spent the last decade in the trenches as a sales leader for tele-communications, marketing services, and cutting-edge SaaS startups. He is driven to help organizations large and small make more sales and generate more revenue. Michael’s dynamic and entertaining seminars are content rich and create measurable results.Michael Tracy is one of the top sales professionals working today. He has recruited, trained, managed and motivated several sales forces that have achieved many millions in sales results.



The Six Essential Principles of The
Finest Women In Real Estate

Free Book!

Every participant will receive a free copy of Marie Waite and Steve Matley’s debut guide to the secrets to success!

Free Book!

The Six Essential Principles of The Finest Women In Real Estate

Every participant will receive a free copy of Marie Waite and Steve Matley’s guide to the secrets of success!


Marie Waite is an amazing individual. She is a visionary and very passionate and has methodically planned and executed the development of this marketing organization into an organization that is destined to become a national success.

Steve Tempel

Marie Waite is a master networker/marketer who shares expertise and experience with great passion and clarity.  Her penchant for creating win-win situations is a key factor in both her networking and the relationships she brings to programs, events and activities.

Paul Bandong

It is a joy to hear Marie Waite share her passion in person. As a communicator, she effectively connects with her listeners by being very relatable and knowledgeable in her field.  She looks for numerous angles one can improve their performance and production.

Kerry Bowman

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